The Team

The Rise of Nazil epic fantasy series and the Rites of Heirdron duology would not be without the assistance from some amazing people. No author walks this path alone. We all need a team of professionals to help us during and after your favorite novels are created.


Losmanto Lo


“Loz” Delivers 2D related works such as : game arts, character design, concept arts, cartoon, anime, textures, GUIs, illus-trations, and sketches for video games, storybook, movies, etc. What ever his clients need, he delivers. Wonderful illustrator to work with.

Predrag Ivanovic

Predrag Ivanovic


“Peka” has over two decades of experience in digital painting, comic book and cartoon, vector, and children book illustration as well as storyboards, graphic novels, game con-cept art and character design. He has the amazing ability to deliver exactly what his clients desire the first time. It was a pleasure to work with him on The Rise of Nazil and the next books in the series as well.



Omu Upied


Omu is an exceptional artist that brings my characters to life. Every aspect of their personality and mood is detailed before he begins the first sketch. Amazing artist.


JB Lazarte

JB Lazarte


Award-winning published author, editor with 15 years of experience, and an expert in SEO content writing. JB is excellent at what he does! He is not only a fabulous editor, he is an excellent communicator. His insight was invaluable.


Morgan Smith


Morgan Smith is not only an exceptional editor, she also authors compelling Epic Fantasy. Her novels, A Spell in the Country, Casting in Stone, and Flashbacks, are available now on Amazon.

Morgan has been a shepherd, a landscaper, a weaver, and archaeologist, and she will drop everything to travel anywhere, on the flimsiest of pretexts. Writing is something she has been doing all her life, though, one way or another, and now she thinks she might actually have something to say.

You can email Morgan for more information, or contact her on Facebook, Twitter, or her Blog.


Julie Nicholls

Cover Artist

Julie Nicholls creates high quality book covers and promos in numerous genres: urban fantasy, paranormal fantasy romance, romance, dark fantasy, historical romance, contemporary, thriller, Science Fiction, Science Fantasy, and children’s books.

If you need a new book cover and you’re not certain how to proceed, check Julie’s  website for pre-made covers and/or contact her and discuss what you need. I’m certain that she can create an outstanding cover for you!

Please visit her WEBSITE or FACEBOOK for more information.