The Rise of Nazil: Book I

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Readers’ Favorite Award-Winner 2017

“This is a complex plot at its best. The character development is perfect.”

 -R Tanveer, Readers’ Favorite
Haunted by his past. Trapped by his heritage. Led by his heart.
Faélondul is destined for war. A world ruled by Nazilians and their indomitable Chosen Guard, led by Pentanimir Benoist: a battle-seasoned warrior driven by honor and dedicated to his people.


When his ruler, Draizeyn Vereux, plots to exterminate the humans, Pentanimir’s life is thrust into a vortex of unspeakable conflict. Haunted by ghosts of his past, Pentanimir struggles to honor his vows while retaining his soul.

His forbidden love for Brahanu, a human, is the catalyst for this war. Betrayed by his allies, bound by his honor, and led by his heart, Pentanimir leads a battle for the whole of Faélondul: a battle that resurrects an ancient threat that can consume both Nazilian and human.


What victory can you claim when the enemy you must defeat lies within you?

“The Rise of Nazil is an epic fantasy that should be shelved next to the works of R.A. Salvatore and J. R. R. Tolkien. With sweeping love stories, intense battles, theological struggles, and modern sociological themes, this book was the best read of 2015.” 

“Faélondul is a world imbued with good and evil, that permeates through richly layered social strata. Desire, ambition, greed, each masterfully manifested in a host of vividly rendered characters that make for a riveting read whilst neatly sidestepping the pitfalls of predictability.”

“The Rise of Nazil is a complex work, combining the cadence and richness of “old school” fantasy with the violence, intricate treacheries, and modern sensibilities of The Game of Thrones.”

*Intended for MATURE readers*