Thank you to all the readers who have purchased, read, and reviewed my novels. You are greatly appreciated!


Thank You

I would like to thank the readers and reviewers out there. With the vast titles available in today’s market, I appreciate you taking the interest and time to purchase, read, and review my novels. You have a cornucopia of talented artist from which to select. I am honored that I am one of those you chose.
Authors rely upon reviews, not only for exposure, but also for the feedback. It helps us understand what connects with our audience and where we might need improvement. This is essential for all authors, but extremely so for self-published/indie authors. We do not have large companies backing us financially or otherwise. Each novel that we produce takes sometimes years to create, and this is but the beginning. After employing several editors, proofreaders, graphic artist/illustrators, and at times, formatters, our work is nearly complete. Albeit, to ensure we produce the best quality product for you, we rewrite what is necessary and delete what is not. Once our novels appear online, enormous amounts of time, energy, and finances has gone into something that we pray you will enjoy.
When I read the reviews, they warm me, and encourage me to write that next page.
Thank you again for your support. I do not know if you realized how important and appreciated you truly are.

~Aaron-Michael Hall