Gritty Epic Fantasy


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Haunted by his past. Trapped by his heritage. Led by his heart.

Faélondul is destined for war. A world ruled by Nazilians and their indomitable Chosen Guard, led by Pentanimir Benoist: a battle-seasoned warrior driven by honor and obligated to his people.

When his ruler, Draizeyn Vereux, plots to exterminate the humans, Pentanimir’s life is thrust into a vortex of unspeakable conflict. Haunted by ghosts of his past, Pentanimir struggles to honor his vows while retaining his soul.

His forbidden love for Brahanu, a human, is the catalyst for this war. Betrayed by his allies, bound by his honor, and led by his heart, Pentanimir leads a battle for the whole of Faélondul: a battle that resurrects an ancient threat that can consume both Nazilian and human.

What victory can you claim when the enemy you must defeat lies within you?

“Faélondul is a world imbued with good and evil, that permeates through richly layered social strata. Desire, ambition, greed, each masterfully manifested in a host of vividly rendered characters that make for a riveting read whilst neatly sidestepping the pitfalls of predictability.”

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Seed of Scorn is the much awaited sequel to The Rise of Nazil.

Pentanimir’s love for Brahanu was the catalyst for Nazil’s rebirth. Will that same love lead to its destruction?

Now, with Faélondul fractured in the aftermath of war, loyalties are in question. As Pentanimir struggles to reunite his people, a new threat emerges: an ancient evil that the Guardians did not foresee and could not deter. With the release of a Zon’tul and an indissoluble pact, a malefic essence seeks those to inhabit in the light word.

If Pentanimir can’t discover the means to defeat the wraith, Faélondul will succumb to the dark forces rising in the lands. Even with the Guardians’ guidance and the Jasiri’s aid, Pentanimir’s sacrifice might be greater than his victory.

“Seed of Scorn takes the epic saga to previously unheard of levels of complexity and intrigue. It’s an enthralling tale of love, honor, betrayal, and the perfidious depths people will descend for the sake of revenge. Aaron-Michael Hall’s craftwork—the unforgettable characters, the surprising twists, and turns, the intricate, rich plotting—will dazzle you. If you loved The Rise of Nazil, prepare to be blown away! Seed of Scorn will grip you from the beginning and leave you in awe.”

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Piercing the Darkness is the third book in The Rise of Nazil trilogy. The conflicts and treacheries revealed in Seed of Scorn have led to an inevitable battle for Faélondul.

With the wraith’s essence and the coveted blood of Oisin, the fracture in the seal has widened. Can Pentanimir save his family and protect the lands? Or will his sacrifice destroy the Benoists and damn all of Faélondul?

When the battle begins, neither one can win…without dying.

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Kurintor Nyusi

It wasn’t prophecy, destiny, or a birthright. It was choice.

When a gods’ corruption endangers the world of men, can the Keepers of Nine, created to protect the mortal world, enlist the warriors needed to save them?

As the gods battle in the heavens, darkness descends on earth.

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 Science Fantasy


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Rites of Heirdron

They poisoned his planet, massacred his people, and violated his mother.

Now, they’re coming for him.

A bastard prince, born to a dishonored queen, Zrahnz is the last hope of a dying world. As he struggles to reclaim his legitimacy as a ruler and protect his planet, a debilitating illness threatens his sanity and his life. If he cannot save himself, his planet will succumb to the corrupt intergalactic alliances aligned against them.

The irrepressible allure he feels for an Earth-born visitor, Itanya, nearly overwhelms him, yet through her, Zrahnz discovers the secret that can ease the devastating agony of his illness. Could she be the key to his survival and the future of Triaxeyn?

Zrahnz is denied his rule, denied his birthright, and denied the one truth that will save his life.

He wasn’t supposed to survive, he wasn’t supposed to fight, and he wasn’t supposed to receive, the


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Orbs of Trenihgea

They poisoned his planet, massacred his people, and violated his mother.

Then, they came for him.

After an interplanetary betrayal decimated his world, Zrahnz struggled to protect his people and reclaim his legitimacy as their ruler.

Now, he has received the Rites of Heirdron and vows to defend the Triax planets torn asunder by a corrupt galactic council, and the “shadow whisperers” who have manipulated them all.

With the aid of First Commander Lezayen and his QuNytwanian fleet, Zrahnz must unite the factions that deceived them in the past.

The ensuing battle is for more than the survival of Triaxeyn, it’s for the liberation of the galaxy.

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Convention Exclusives

Coloring Book - SM The Guardians' Rise - FINAL FRONT - 3_edited-1

The Nazil series coloring book.

A graphic prelude to the Nazil series.

High Fantasy

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A divided world. A corrupt ruler. A forbidden rite.

Tamesa is a world torn asunder by one man’s lust for power. Herid Mhau, leader of the Ecumenic Order, corrupted the ancient precepts, delving into the forbidden incantations sealed in the catacombs of the Natilán Temple.

Using the Xusarta Scrolls as his guide, Herid summoned the mystical Nyeshetari, causing a cataclysm that split Tamesa into two. Now, Herid rules the Western hemisphere of Mogaryn, preying on the innocent to extend his own life. Once he discovers the secret of the Zayzahrin, he’ll become a god: immortal and unstoppable.

As Herid awakens the nether beasts to build his army, the Sotükan Brotherhood in the East, prepare for the inevitable war to come. In a world bereft of heroes, ordinary men must endure the inconceivable to attempt the impossible.

Keepers of Nine
(2019 release)

Triplex Spires of Isabis
(2019 release)