Below are common Faélondulian terms that span from The Rise of Nazil (book 1 of the Nazil trilogy) to Reclamation (Book 3 of The Shifter trilogy).


Ahgelon Leader of the Naidisians
Amzi The age of decision – K’ohshul
AsZar Ruler/Leader of Afferea – intercessor of the Guardians
Bashi’Karr Rod of the Guardians
Caretaker Overseer of a city or village
Cha Nazilian priest
Cha Asham Head Nazilian priest of the
Chosen Guard Nazilian’s elite guard
Crowned Eagle Leopard of the sky – Jasiri
Dawa A place for healing
Deignledorn A lesser creature of the dark realm
Desu Beast Winged Beast companion of the Protectors
Desu Beast Horned Beast companion of the Tresahnege
Doh’mahn Vwazi Tr’Eon The Dark Gate
Drahgodeage Handler/Trainer
Drah’kuu Priest – Mehlonii language
Dranscrom Winged scavengers of the dark realm
Dream Wine Wine mixed with herbs for sleep
Fire Lands Eastern desert lands
Fire Walkers Beings of the Fire Lands
First Chosen Head of the Chosen Guard
The Four God’s of the Nazilians
Helding A priest in training
Jaenitu A large beast resembling a panther and wolf mix
Jasiri Warriors of K’ohshul
K’ohshul The isle from where the Jasiri hail
Ke’ohnzi The conduit of the Guardians
Lakaar Human healer
Mahrylae Divine wife
Maiden’s Tears Herbal mixture to prevent/end pregnancy
Miir Stones Ancient summoning stones
Mehlonii Arcane language of the Guardians
Naidisian Home of the Fire Walkers
Nakshij Second only to the Zaxson
N’gohne Ceremony of Selection
Nohek Human priest
Nohek Karab Head priest of the Humans
Ohor Otherworld Spirit Beings
Pledge Nazilian betrothal
Promise Human betrothal
Protector (Dessalonian) (Giants) Children of the Guardians
Sanctium The cursed isle of Lilinth
Sentries Human Guards
Serpent’s Venom Paralyzing serum used in Nazil
The Seven God’s of the humans
Tresahnege The three of Afferea
T’reyUhm R’aFek Divine gate
Threshold (Portal) Preternatural passageways
Shadokyn One of the Dark Realms
Shijahn Wife of the Nakshij
Sulos Holy book of the Cha
Syahndru Home of Shintao
Ti’embre Horn of the Jasiri
Tumishi Female human temple servants
Uzon General of K’ohshul
Xtabyren A Unique sword carried only by the Chosen Guard
Zaontras Wife of the Zaxson
Zaxson Leader of Nazil and Faélondul
Z’brachieyn A major creature of the dark realms