Dragon Con 2018


It was another great Dragon Con this year. In fact, with the introduction of the new Diversity Track, it was even better than last year.

Track Organizer, Jarvis Sheffield, and his staff did a superb job arranging the programming for this new and innovative track. The Diversity Track offers authors, creatives, and fans a platform to interact that wasn’t available before with other Dragon Con tracks.





The Diversity Track doesn’t focus on one type of creative or fan. It encompasses all fans and creatives that are usually marginalized in other tracks available at the convention. The new Diversity Track embraces diverse creatives and their exceptional works, focusing on differing cultures, genders, ages, mythologies, etc. Not only are these creative works diverse, but also the authors and artists bringing them to life and introducing them to the world.




Jarvis Sheffield and his volunteers arranged a fantastic weekend with meet & greets, parties, exhibits, panels, movies, and a plethora of activities.

It was an honor to be involved in the planning and implementation of this much-needed and phenomenal Dragon Con track. I can’t wait until next year, and hope to meet you there.



DIversity Track - Panel 2A

For more information and to get involved for next year, please use the links below.

Diversity Track Facebook

Diversity Track Twitter


Learn more about Jarvis Sheffield and the Black Science Fiction Society on Facebook and their Website.

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