Valentine’s Blog Hop

For this special Valentine’s blog post, I would like to introduce romance novelist, Kim Knight. Kim is participating in a Valentine’s Blog Hop and celebrating her birthday! The Desu Beast Blog is just one stop on her internet journey!


Valentine’s Blog Hop and Kim’s 34th Birthday Celebration

February 14-18

Come and join in the fun and meet some new readers! Everyone is welcome.
The writing prompt is:

“Romance: The good, the bad, and the ugly…”

Do you have a story to tell? Visit my blog for details.

Giveaway: The ten most enjoyable blog posts that I read will win a FREE digital copy of one of my featured romance titles.

About Kim

Kim is 33 (born in 1983), from London in the UK. She’s a qualified teacher and mother to a beautiful toddler. As a reader she’s head over heels in love with romance, historical fiction, crime fiction, African- American, suspense and thriller genre books. After submitting three chapters of a romance /suspense novel she was writing to a USA based publisher in 2016, she scored her first publishing contact. Kim’s first novel is A Stranger in France (republished 2017) her second novella is Not Just For Christmas. At the moment Kim is writing her third novel, a thriller to be released in 2017. As a writer Kim enjoys creating stories within the general romance, romantic suspense and crime/ thriller genres, with a diverse and multi-cultural character line up. Kim also writes beauty and book related articles published in Love Life, Live magazine.

When she’s not reading or writing novels of her own, her other passions include practising her French, fashion and spending time at her sewing machine dress making, watching make –up and beauty tutorials on YouTube, letter writing and being a mum.

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 How did I get into Writing Romance?

Creating stories within the general romance and romantic suspense genres, for me started as a reader. I’ve always loved romance stories whether they are heart-warming, erotic or with an ethnic / African – American theme, it really does not matter, as long as it’s all about love! The first ever suspenseful  book I read was Deadly Embrace by Jackie Collins. I was in my teens, and I remember turning pages like my life depended on in it, what a book! I enjoyed every moment of it, the whole thrill of the story as a reader made me want to keep reading and find out what happens next. I remember thinking wowzers this is a good book after I finished reading it. From that moment on, I read anything and everything I could of Jackie’s, starting with her Lucky Santangelo books. I fell in love with the genre over ten years ago, and have been an avid reader within it since. I’ve always had a creative side to me, and a love for writing for as long as I can remember. It just took a few years and a few life experiences for the writer in me to emerge.

Later on in life out sprung the writer, I just started and got on with it when no one was looking so to speak. I realised as a writer I’d love to create great stories in the genres I love to read. Not just romance or romantic suspense, but the general thriller genre also. This is pretty much how I got into writing general romance and romantic suspense, I fell in love with the genre as a reader first and then started to write within the genre. In general, I think that the romance genre has so much to offer, there’s something for everyone no matter who they are or what kind of romance they like reading.

I started to write A Stranger in France in February 2016, I put what I was writing at the time to one side, as the idea for the story popped into my head, and I wanted to run with it. While creating the plot and writing A Stranger in France I knew, I wanted a romance story that is current and relevant to the present. Also a story that would take readers on a journey through the experiences of strong characters and not predictable. I remembered the experience I felt as a reader while reading other enjoyable romantic suspense stories and this fueled my passion, motivation, and general excitement while creating this romantic suspense story.

Happy Birthday and GREAT success with your Blog Hop! Thank you for including the Desu Beast Blog on your stops.

For more information about Kim, visit her WEBSITE, FACEBOOK. or TWITTER.



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