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Sédrie Danielle

Today, I welcome Sédrie Danielle to the Desu Beast Blog. Sédrie is an Urban Fantasy author with an interesting series of tales and an upcoming novel.

  1. Have you always wanted to be an author?

Absolutely! I’ve been writing since middle school, but it wasn’t until I reached my 30’s that I got serious about it.

  1. What inspired you to write your first book?

I am a huge fan for fantasy, sci-fi and horror. More often than not, books in these genres lack the diversity that I desire to see. I took into account a quote by Toni Morrison which states: “If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” So I did!

  1. What is the name of your latest novel?

Knights of Enmity – The Barons Have Fallen


  1. How did you come up with the concept for your novel?

While in college, I had the opportunity to study different cultures and religions which helped broaden my scope of the world. I began studying different “magical” systems such as Voodoo, Wicca and Druidism which are also heavily  based in mythology. I have taken my studies, my love for history and mythology, and attempted to create a world based on the things that I enjoy.

  1. Who is your favorite character and why?

Cesare Borgia. He is actually a historical character who’s real life was just as interesting as the character I created. In real life, Cesare was the son of Pope Alexander VI and served as the inspiration to Machiavelli’s The Prince. My Cesare is a powerful Black Knight who runs around in a cassock playing with fire.


  1. Who is your least favorite character and why?

Ugh. Callan. He’s a very weak person, one filled with rage and emotion which will ultimately get him into some trouble. Instead of using his powers to help humanity, he finds himself becoming a pawn for Solon.

  1. Which character do you relate to the most and why?

Its funny because I believe all of my characters have a little piece of me in them. Lol. But, if I had to chose just one I would say…


  1. Is there a certain message (s) that you desire your readers to grasp?

You have to be open minded in order to really enjoy my books. I have characters that are gay, transgendered, pagans, atheists; all of whom exist in reality. I want my readers to grasp the idea of equality. We all hurt, we all feel joy and its my goal with the diversity of my characters that I help spread the message that we are different but the same.

  1. What books have influenced you the most? Why?

Believe it or not, I actually don’t own or read many novels. Most of the books I read are non-fiction, conspiracy related or things concerning spiritual matters. Books like The DaVinci Code  and the pseduopigraphic text The Book of Enoch  have always served as a great influence to me and my writing. I love delving into Earth’s mysteries and I attempt to answer some of those questions in my own writing as I understand them.

  1. Who are a few of your favorite authors?

Just to name a few: I love Stephen King, Judika Illes, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Dan Brown, Neil Gaiman, Manly P. Hall, Bella Forrest.

  1. Any future projects you would like to talk about?

Of course! Knights of Enmity has expanded a little and I have a small graphic novel coming out January 2017. I’m so excited. I am also working on a horror novel which I completed during Nanowrimo.


  1. If you could start again, is there anything you would change in your latest novel?

This is a never ending battle. Every time I read it, I want to change something lol! The overall story, no. But minor things such as unnecessary dialogue, imagery, and grammatical errors. I always find them.

  1. Do you have a trailer that you would like to share?

  1. Do you have any advice for up and coming authors?

Yes. First off, write what you like. I know YA is a popular genre at the moment, but if that’s not your thing, then don’t do it. If your heart isn’t in it, then you wont put your best foot forward. Second, its always good to know a little about graphic design, especially if you’re an indy author.

  1. Do you have any links that you would like to share?

To learn more about Sédrie or her novels, please visit her WEBSITE, TWITTER, or FACEBOOK.


Thank you for visiting the Desu Beast Blog. I have enjoyed Knights of Enmity and cannot wait to read more. Great Success!


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