Author Interview -James Goodridge

Author Spotlight

James Goodridge


Thank you for taking the time to sit down and talk with me tonight. Can you begin by telling me a little bit about yourself?

I’m a 56 year old African American male from the boogie down Bronx in NYC who started on a journey in 2004 into the world of speculative fiction.

  1. Have you always wanted to be an author?

Yes. I’ve always wanted to write and live the life of a writer, but I consider myself a reader who writes.

  1. What inspired you to write your first story? 

    Shows like Twilight Zone, the X files etc. I’m in the process of working on a collection of occult detective/diesel funk short stories to be published near the end of 2017, or the beginning of 2018 by Fist City Press. Also a coming of age story I wrote a few years ago.

  2. What is the name of your latest novel?

Not ready for a novel yet. The working title of the short story collection: Madison Cavendish/Seneca Sue The Passing of Time Sagas.

  1. How did you come up with the concept?

I started off with a short story titled The Lower Manhattan Horror, a Lovecraft type of story but without the xenophobic theme that Lovecraft, a product of his times tended to write.

  1. Who is your favorite character and why?

It’s a tie. Madison, an immortal with vampire issues, just wants to get through the day and solve whatever  affairs (as I call them) that comes their way. Seneca Sue, on the other hand, is an immortal Shaman and part werewolf who’s more free wheeling.

  1. Who is your least favorite character and why?

None yet.

  1. Which character do you relate to the most and why?

I guess Madison, because of the incident that happened to him and Seneca back in 1914, they have to adjust to the mortal world down through the ages. So many changes from 1914 to 2017, for the both of them being born in the year 1885. Then you have the fact that both of them are biracial, hence the passing of time title has two meanings to focus on . Only their love gets them through time. Try picturing a relationship of over 90 years between a vampire and a lycanthorpe who are enemies according to folklore and film.

  1. Is there a certain message (s) that you desire your readers to grasp?

Yes . Life is complex. Nothing is cut and dried. I also like to use African American historical figures who are not well known, but were part of our struggle as a race. Everyone has some basic knowledge of icons like Paul Robeson, but know little of Lt Samuel Battle, the first black NYPD officer, Rollo Ahmed,  black occultist or Phillippa Schuyler black classical pianist.

  1. What books have influenced you the most? Why?

War of The Worlds by H.G. Wells because I’m a scifi fan who happens to be better at writing horror. I know,  go figure. I loved the book because of the  “what if” scenario.

  1. Who are a few of your favorite authors?

James Baldwin, Octavia Butler, John Updike, Ray Bradbury, Walter Mosley, Yukio Mishma, Rod Serling and all the great writers on the Twilight Zone series from the 60’s. And believe it or not, U.S. Grant because of his plain cut to the chase style of his memoir

  1. What author would you love to have a conversation with?

 Rod Serling. I would have loved to talk with him over a bottle of Scotch.

  1. Any other projects you would like to talk about?

I have a series of short stories titled Artwork which have been showcased in issue # 7 and reprinted in the Winter 2016 issue of Genesis magazine of the black science fiction society  you can also find some of my work at

  1. If you could start again, is there anything you would change in your latest work?

My current work, no.  I’m forever revising and editing.

  1. Is there a short excerpt of your current work that you would like to share?

” Hello, How do you do?” came a voice with a lisp from a figure stepping out of the kitchen of the cozy apartment done up in bell pepper green and warm orange. I can’t lie I had baby doll pegged as a rival right from the start, but I also sensed a troubled life and a tragic future from this young lady. Long raven black hair part of it thrown over her right shoulder, light sand complexion, dark eyes, round soft baby face, Phillippa’s body exuded a sensuality super charged by youthful zest in a tight fitting angora sweater, dull olive green stone set in a gold ring adoring her right ring finger. A dark blue pencil skirt, dark silk stockings and dark blue high heels shoes completed the package. (The Cloverdale Affair (c) 2016 )

  1. Do you have any advice for up and coming authors?

While I sometimes like to listen to Miles Davis while I write, don’t get caught up in “Oh I need for the mood to be right” as Ray Bradbury once said “Just write!”

  1. Do you have any links that you would like to share?

You can friend me on Facebook : James Goodridge, you can go to my Facebook page : Who gives you the Write, I do blogs some time especially for black history month or as we say black horror history month at

Thank you Aaron

You are welcome. Thank you for taking the time to sit down and chat with me. I look forward to reading more of your work. Great Success!

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