Virtual Fantasy Con 2016!


Is finally here!

Today’s event is centered around Epic Fantasy (includes sword and sorcery)

Epic Fantasy/High Fantasy Day on Facebook

What is Virtual FantasyCon?

In visiting a physical convention, each guest would come across author booths, with an author sitting on the other side. Guests would be wandering about the event in costume, celebrating their favorite characters. Perhaps giveaways would take place and panel discussions up on a stage.

Virtual FantasyCon has all of these features, but it is unique in the following ways:

You don’t have leave home to attend.
Distance is no longer an issue.
Waiting in line no longer exists.
It offers an opportunity to connect with participants and find new books and authors.
To discover new blogs to read or sign up for.
Artists will share artwork for books as well as original pieces. There will be Panel Discussions via Youtube.
Fun features, such as Cosplay, the Scavenger Hunt and Giveaways will leave you smiling!

Virtual FantasyCon features:

Author / Artist / Blogger / Book Service / Publisher Booths
Scavenger Hunt Booth
Cosplay Booth
Vendor Booth (booths relating to craft, book related items, jewellery – limited spots)
The Author’s Cache Booth
Panel Discussions and Meet your Author via our Youtube Channel.
A Keynote Speaker as an introduction.
And so much more!

Come out and discover some great new authors, artist, bloggers, publishers, etc! And do not forget to enter the Blog Hop Hunt!

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