Virtual Fantasy Con 2016


The Virtual Fantasy Con of 2016 is right around the corner! I hope that you can come and enjoy the plethora of talented authors, artists, editors, publishers, etc that are taking part in this fantastical celebration.

I am extremely excited and honored to announce that The Rise of Nazil Epic Fantasy Series has been nominated for the Favorite Fantasy Series, and I have been nominated for Favorite Dark Author!

As a new author, this is an exceptional honor. You can vote for my novels and me by using the links below. Each and every one is greatly appreciated as are you!



In celebration of my nomination, The Rise of Nazil will be discounted to ONLY $0.99 on Amazon for the duration of the Fantasy Con!

Also, over a period of 8 days, participants will have the chance to complete a Blog Hop Hunt and win some great prizes! For more information on the Virtual Fantasy Con and the Blog Hop Hunt, please click the link below.


I Hope to see you at the Con!


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