One-Year Anniversary

TRON-5-2016-SEAL-1-smWhen I look back over the past year, I am truly amazed. I have met so many wonderful people: Authors, Editors, Illustrators, Artists, etc. From those meetings over social media, book signings, and cons, I have formed some fantastic relationships.

Now, as I sit at my computer, a warmth completely engulfs me. Like anyone else, not all of the past year has been pleasant. I have had some significant trials—one I am currently working through. However, even with that incident, I have learned, grown stronger, and recognize the blessings that are to come from such trials.

This anniversary is but one! My first novel, The Rise of Nazil went live in August of 2015. Now, a year later, the first trilogy is complete and the second is ready for the editing stage. That is a major accomplishment since I refer to myself as an, “accidental author.”

The Rise of Nazil was written over a decade ago. It was a novel I wanted to read and could never fine. The only option was to write it myself. It took the prodding of numerous friends and family members to convince me to publish. I am pleased that I was able to heed their advice and do just that.

The Rise of Nazil I, Seed of Scorn II, and Piercing the Darkness III are Epic Fantasy novels with an edge. I am proud of each completed work and look forward to the ones to come.


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