The Purloined Letters

This is a fantastic blog post by author and editor, Morgan Smith. Definitely worth a read.

Traveling Light

Marilyn Diptych 1962 by Andy Warhol 1928-1987 Marilyn Diptych 1962 Andy Warhol 1928-1987 Purchased 1980

As a professional editor and the product of academia spanning three countries and five colleges/universities, I’ve learned to spot intellectual stolen property from literal miles away.

I’m not talking about pirating someone else’s published work, the way so many websites claiming “free” downloads of my books, or anyone else’s, do. That’s evil, sure, but nine times out of ten, the downloader gets nothing more than a computer virus and a few ads extorting money from them to fix the problem. Just deserts, really, if you want to steal content purely for entertainment’s sake, and deprive an author or artist of their tiny royalties as you slug back your $5 mochaccino.

Any idiot can tell when someone takes a manuscript wholesale and just changes the author’s name. Any pair of eyes can spot when Walmart sells thousands of t-shirts adorned with artwork…

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