Interview: Raonal Tiornestake

Raonal-330Tonight I have the honor of welcoming a member of an extremely interesting “species.” Raonal is a pukah – a type of faerie that love to bring laughter, joy, and fun into the lives of all they meet.  They are also mischievous little scamps who love to help – often giving too much help – and have a tenuous grip on what the truth is at the best of times.  If they do tell the truth, it is usually buried under so much hyperbole and innuendo that it is hard to ferret out.

A warm welcome to Raonal Tiornestake.

Will you start us out with a little about yourself, where you are from, and what race you are?

  • I am myself, unique, me. There are many others like me, none like me, everyone likes me!  I am Raonal, pack alpha, beta, kappa, never delta.  From the lands where wheat, oats, and barley are harvested at the same time the apples and pears come into bloom.  Who are you, strange person?

That doesn’t exactly tell us where you are from though, Raonal.

  • I said I was from everywhere, nowhere, the Courts and the pack. Did you not understand?

I guess not.  As I have never heard of these “Courts” or anything like them, will you tell us a little about what they are like?  Did you grow up there?

  • They are everywhere and nowhere. Special people get to go there, and sometimes we bring guests.  They are magnificent and boring, though.  Bring something fun to do.  The crown loves it when I bring the river with me – they do so love swimming.To get there, all you have to do is believe.  That’s it.  Believe in the unexpected, the magical, the mystical and you are there.  Many come, many go, none are banned, all are barred.  If you come, bring something to eat – remember, if you eat of the food there you can never go home!

    There are many children who live there, though I was never one of them.  I grew up learning responsibilities on the farm.  I hate the idle life there, it is so much more fun to be out in the world experiencing, being, laughing, inspiring.  I hate when I have to visit and be all sober.  Even the ladies there are boring and stolid.  Homely creatures with locks of flowing gold or rivers of fire, skin as pale as bleached birch or as rich as the best hot chocolate.  Their voices screech like the symphony of creation, as silent as a volcano’s eruption or as loud as a baby’s first whispering breath.

    Everyone is an enemy there – vying for power for power’s sake or striving for recognition to get the plum assignments.  The courts are no place to be.  I was more than glad to escape and join the pack.  Children to tease, adults to instruct, and everyone loves everyone without exception.  That is where I don’t belong.

What is it you hope to accomplish, then?  In addition, who is it that stands in your way?

  • Why accomplish anything? Being is accomplishment enough.  Laughter, joy, help – that is all you need to do.  Just love, live, and love life.  What more is there?  Everyone wants to be so serious all the time – no time for joy, no time for love, no time to live.  They are not being, they are walking mind dead.  They do not believe, so do not want to love, laugh, or be any more.  I want that, more than anything, to be like the Courts in my heart.  Why can’t they believe?

Would that be something you would change if you could?

  • I would change it so they loved, so they could live and be again.  Wouldn’t it be the most exciting thing if everyone remembered how to laugh again – all at once?  What a party that would be!  To see the barley, wheat and oats come in again just as the apples and peaches came into bloom.  Oh, that would be the most perfectly undesirable world I could ever live in.  Day in, day out – plow the fields, sew the fields, reap the fields, pick the fruit, climb the trees, shake the trees, and hope you don’t ruin the crop.

You are a little scamp, you know that?  What has farming to do with enjoying life?

  • Go try it for a year, and let me know what you think.

I’ll pass, thank you.  I have enough just keeping up with a small garden.  What do you do, that leaves you time for farming?  Didn’t you say something about being part of a pack?

  • I watch the pups – teach them everything they need to know about life, about living, and about what it means to be part of the pack. Can’t have them getting underfoot all the time running errands, now, can we?

Sounds like you have taken on quite a bit of responsibility.  Do you ever feel overwhelmed by it?

  • What’s to be overwhelmed by? Kappas always have betas looking over their shoulders.  Even the alpha has a low-rank beta breathing down his neck all the time.  I don’t want that.  I like being a kappa, though I’ve had my alpha hunt.  No recognition, none! I work harder than the betas, and no one recognizes it more than me, myself and I.  Why should I feel overwhelmed?

Did you grow up with the pack, or did you find them after you were an adult?

  • I’m a member of the pack. There are only three ways to become a member of the pack – born to it, adopted into it, or marry into it.  I’m none of the above, so I could not have found it as an adult.
  • (Editor’s note: Raonal was considered by his fellow pukah to be an adolescent when he joined the Mistwalker Pack.  Because of his size, and lack of understanding for the local language, they saw him as an orphan pup and took him in.  In a way, he grew up in the pack, yet didn’t.  His childhood was spent in the Courts, after the Fae reclaimed him from the mortals that had raised him for his first eight years.)

Do you have anyone you’re interested in settling down with?

  • Why? All the pretty ladies, all the ugly ladies, and all the wonderful ladies are all mated.  Why would I want to accept a lady that doesn’t suit?  Besides, I have all the pups I can handle – I care for the pack’s pups.  If I had a mate, then I wouldn’t be part of the delta pack any longer.  Why would I want to give that up?

Last question – what’s your biggest secret?

  • Now why would I want to tell you that I’m a pukah? Why would I want to reveal that, and give away all the fun?  Is it enough that I have trouble with weapon’s training because the pack uses steel and iron instead of something that doesn’t burn?  Why would I want to explain to you (or them) why I do so poorly with my metal weapons when I do so well with the wooden ones?  Nope, not telling you one iota of my secret.  Nope, not one bit, I tell you!

Well, that was one of the most interviews I have ever done! Thank you Raonal for taking the time to sit down and speak with me.


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