Interview: Celecanepo Rahadeyah

Celecanepo-330Tonight I have the distinct pleasure to interview an extremely remarkable “gentlemen.” Neither his path nor his purpose is without adversity. Albeit his journey is one of great promise and intrigue.

Please offer a warm welcome to Celecanepo Rahadeyah (aka Celeca)

Will you start us out with a little about yourself, where you are from, and what your childhood was like?

  • I am a Guardian, one of the first races to come into existence on the first breath of reality. Like all my kind, when I was born the prophets cast their Gifts to determine what my purpose was, so I may be trained appropriately.  At that time, all the prophets could discern was that I would be involved in great things – not the cusp, but involved somehow – but there were ambiguities to what my path should be.  Because of this, it was decided that I should be trained as a warrior, rather than a guide.I was taken from my parents, in exchange for a child whose prophesy was that they would guide many to new lives, and given to the parents of the new guide’s parents.  Instead of having only one set of parents, then, I had two.  It is rare for us to know our birth parents if our path does not match theirs, and some have said this is why I am not suited for the warrior’s way.

    My story continues long past this point, but I will shorten it by saying I was trained in many things before the prophets discerned my first assignment.  It came not a day too soon.  If I had not been selected, then I would have become one of the “fallen” and had to join the Nelesie

It sounds like you had an uncertain childhood.  Do you ever resent that it took so long for the powers-that-be to ascertain your place?

  • Some feel I should resent that fact. In truth, after I completed the most important facets of my training, I became bored.  There is only so many crafts you can be interested in, even when you know that your life will end only when you wish it, or by an agent of the lower Realms’ deceit.  Though I do find needlework an acceptable way to pass the time, it never grew to be a great love in my life, like a crafter or thread worker.  I much prefer the healing arts if I cannot use my other skills.  That is what brought me to where I am now in the Master’s care.

Are you a slave, then, to speak of a “master”?

  • I am only a slave by my own wishes. Though there is much evil in him, evil I am sworn to root out and eradicate from the world, there is much in him that can do good as well.He is a slaver by training, though I hope to help him see that the type of slavery he practices is wrong.  As such, the only way to ensure my example remained before him was to be captured by him.  Even without his collar, I was already captured by his need and pain.  With events unfolding as they are, even the fiend who travels with him cannot accurately predict what will happen, he will need examples of what it means to be good, and just, and honest more now that ever before.

It sounds like you are in a group you do not get along with.  Are there those who can, or are, helping you achieve your goals?

  • There are four of us now, though from the way the Master speaks there may be others, many others, in the near future. I hope with all my heart that the four of us can convince him to not do this.  Beslynx and Raonal may help – both see permanent slavery as wrong.  I fear we will have to fight the fourth captive – Akantheldama.However, even if the others do not help the Master see that what he does is wrong, I would strive to press my case to victory.  This is my last chance to prove to my tribunal that I deserve to be reinstated as a warrior and Guardian.  I have learned much in my cycles living among the mortals, and I have matured more than any expected.  I was young when I failed, untested and untried.  Now, I have been forged and am ready to face the battle.

Are you saying that even among your companions, there are those who you would consider an enemy?

  • Not precisely an enemy, just someone who has another agenda she is dedicated to. Unlike the rest, she has lived with the Master long enough to have fallen under the malignant influence of wherever he comes from, and the madness her kind are subject to.She says there is greatness in his future, and that he must amass a large following.  We agree on the greatness – everything living has that potential.  What we disagree on is the way he is going about creating his following.  She wishes them to be bound to him through the collar the four of us wear; I wish the bonds to be those of love and mutual agreement.  I think my way is better, she hers.

What would you like to see happen, if you were living in a “perfect” world?

  • You ask for dreams and fantasies. I must live in a world of reality and practicality.  I wish to be reinstated my rank.  I wish for the Master to give up his vile ways, and be welcomed to the Nelesie Courts with open arms.  I wish for Beslynx and Raonal to be accepted by their pack.  I wish for the fiend, Akantheldama, to be cured of her madness.  However, none of this will happen quickly.  All are pieces that must be solved, and all require bits from the other pieces to affect their solution.  There is no perfection in the world, only well done.  If even one of these wishes were to happen, I feel my work would be complete, though I would continue to wish for the rest to come to pass.

You talk about going home with such longing.  Is there someone waiting for your return?

  • Do you mean like a mate?   Even among my cadre, I was considered strange.  Many of the remaining age mates had been given prophesies that would not come to pass until they were well into their adult lives.  I was the only one who had received the type of training I did to remain unassigned.The reason I wish to return home is because I feel I was unjustly judged and punished.  Earning my right to return, earning that redemption, would lift the feeling of having failed my parents – both sets – and the specter of having failed my trainers.  Even if I never received another assignment, or ever practiced my skills again, the reinstatement would prove to the prophets they were not wrong.

That sounds like there is quite a bit riding on your shoulders, then.  Do you ever have nightmares or panic attacks that you will fail?

  • I live in constant fear that I will never earn my redemption. That I will become not just a “fallen” but a “double fallen” – one who has lost, or given up, their entire heritage to become a mere mortal.  There are days when that prospect is more tempting than I care to admit.  Days when I have redeemed someone so sunk in depravity that everyone gave them up for lost, yet I was able to help them see a better way and set their feet to becoming that better person.  Yet, even with those redemptions, I gain no recognition from my tribunal.  When I reach out for them, I receive silence – as if I am a mortal speaking to the Woodland Path; a concept, not a trio of beings who hold my very existence in their hands.  On those days, I fear greatly that what few Gifts I have left will fade, that I will forget what it means to be a Guardian, that I will be come mortal and be glad for my suffering to end.

Do you have any achievements to carry you through such dark times?

  • I do not. I have hope that soon I shall have an accomplishment, the likes of which none should ever forget.  Until that time, I continue to hope for a better future.

I would like to thank Celeca for taking the time to sit down with me tonight. May you be granted the desires of your heart and the ability to right the wrongs and move toward a better future of redemption and light.


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