Kindle Scout Campaign: Rites of Heirdron

Rites of Heirdon by Newland Moon is a new SciFi/Fantasy Romance on Kindle Scout and it needs your votes!


From the Author:

As I announce the completion of Rites of Heirdron, I would also like to announce some more exciting news. I submitted Rites of Heirdron to Kindle Scout and my application was accepted!

What is Kindle Scout?

It’s a remarkable opportunity for new authors to receive a publishing contract through Amazon’s publishing platform (Kindle Press).

Kindle Scout lists accepted author’s information, the first 5,000 words of their book, and some responses to questions on their site. Interested readers can then “nominate” the books, like Rites of Heirdron.

What is nominating?

During a thirty-day campaign, readers can click “nominate” on the books that interest them. The more nominations, the better the chances of being selected to receive a publishing contract!

Once you click the “Nominate Me” button, you’ll be redirected to your dashboard. You can nominate three books on your dashboard at one time. If Rites of Heirdron is selected for publication, you’ll receive a FREE early copy.

I hope you’ll click on my NOMINATE link, read the preview, and if you believe Rites of Heirdron merits a publishing contract please nominate me.

Thank you for visiting my site and I hope you enjoy the excerpt of Rites of Heirdron. It was a pleasure to write this magnificent sci-fi/fantasy romance.