Answering a question from my email.

I received an email recently with a good question. The reader completed The Rise of Nazil and loved the Novel. He had one question regarding the manner in which the characters speak. It was not the lack of contractions or the cadence of the dialogue. His question was one I was expecting and have heard several times prior.

“Why do your characters ‘sound’ alike?” It is true; many of the characters speak in the same manner. This was not an oversight; this was purposely done. I know in most epic fantasy that you have these unique dialects to set the characters apart. The Rise of Nazil fantasy series does the opposite. It is one of the many subtleties you will find within its pages.

It is extremely important to me that the similarities with the inhabitants surpass the differences. There are slaves taken captive by those of Nazil. However, because they are now slaves does not mean they are not educated or that they were not people of prominence in their past lives. In our own histories throughout the world, this is true.

So, why do many of my characters “sound” alike? Because there is truly no difference in them, not one that has any bearing on who they are or will be. Some may place themselves in higher regard but that does not make it so. I will quote Allister d’Garrion from Seed of Scorn. “Nikolina, do not equate one of high birth with one of great moral character or righteousness. There is no parity to be found and oft times, the opposite is true. The position does not dictate the character of a man.”

Thank you to those of you have read, enjoyed, and reviewed my novels. The land of Faélondul is a wondrous and distinctive place. With its magnificent, diverse, and fallible inhabitants, it will cause you to rethink your vision of what epic fantasy truly is. We are not all from the same mold. Some of us have more to convey and a unique way of delivering an enjoyable and insightful story.

Thank you.

Is The Rise of Nazil trilogy for you?

Is The Rise of Nazil fantasy trilogy for you? I am asked different variations of this question often. The lands of Faélondul are not for everyone. As much as I desire to sell copies of my novels, the reader’s enjoyment of my work is more important.

So, is The Rise of Nazil for you? That depends on several factors.

1. If you are offended by some graphic scenes and torture, The Rise of Nazil is probably not for you. (Those particular scenes occupy approximately 10 pages of the 550 page novel.)

2. If you prefer fantasy littered with elves, orcs, vampires, werewolves, etc., The Rise of Nazil is probably not for you. (I love the aforementioned. I just do not write about them.)

3. If you like unnecessary battle scenes and beheadings ever other chapter, The Rise of Nazil is probably not for you. (I love a great battle scene. R.A. Salvatore is the best.)

4. If you like the overuse of magic or magical elements, The Rise of Nazil is probably not for you. (More “magic” is introduced with Seed of Scorn. It is not overdone.)

5. If you prefer a short read with a perfect ending, The Rise of Nazil is probably not for you.

6. If you are a “skimmer” and not a “reader,” The Rise of Nazil is probably not for you.

7. If you prefer action to intellectual content, The Rise of Nazil is probably not for you.
(Action is great and I love it. You will find it within these pages. However, more focus is
on the characters and plot. Dialogue and interaction is integral to your understanding of
Faélondul and its inhabitants.)

8. If you dislike romance in fantasy, The Rise of Nazil is probably not for you.

Are you still with me? Excellent.

What will you discover within the pages of The Rise of Nazil? Good question.

The Rise of Nazil is an adult epic fantasy, which is set in the land of Faélondul. We begin in the 75th year of Alberoth and end in the 75th year of Kehldaron. What does this mean? It means that it does not take place in any time or place that you can reference. It does not follow many of the “traditional” ideas of epic fantasy. Not by definition but by what many readers have come to expect.

The Rise of Nazil is filled with unique characters and situations. Though it is fantasy, the realistic element is forever present. Some of the atrocities committed can be found in our own histories. Fear not, with darkness, also comes light. This story builds with each chapter. The characters have depth, as does the plot. That plot is meticulously weaved throughout until the climatic ending. There are no easy resolutions or quick fixes. However, there are many plot twists and surprises. Some pleasantly so.

The Rise of Nazil is an adult epic fantasy that causes you to think. If you desire a short tale of dragon riding and princes saving the damsel in distress, you will not find that here. If you want an engrossing, intelligent, diverse, and multifaceted fantasy, look no further. Faélondul Awaits.

For those who have read and enjoyed The Rise of Nazil or Seed of Scorn, thank you. You have numerous choices of authors. The fact that you selected me as one of those is greatly appreciated.

If The Rise of Nazil is not quite what you are looking for, that is OK. There is a plethora of great fantasy available. I hope you find the perfect books for your taste. Once that is so, leave a review and let the author know you enjoy their work. Feedback is essential and helps us continue to create the stories you love.

The Mehlonii Language

In The Rise of Nazil adult epic fantasy series, they speak a language called “Mehlonii.” I have had numerous requests asking what the language sounds like. After many hours, we have created sound files for each phrase used in the current book.

Click the link below to hear the spoken Mehlonii language from The Rise of Nazil. Each sound file is categorized by page number of the second paperback edition.

Mehlonii Language (Book I)