Two December Deals!

Whether you enjoy an engrossing Epic Fantasy or a Science Fantasy Romance, I have a great deal for you!

iPad Kurintor


Kurintor Nyusi

As the gods battle in the heavens, darkness descends on earth.

The Keepers of Nine guide the primordial Kurintor warriors protecting the mortal world from the demons of Ashemohn. But after a god’s corruption empowered their demon goddess, Sokka, her manipulations have brought the Kurintor to the brink of extinction.

Can the Keepers of Nine awaken the Kurintor descendants in time to defend the Fifth Kingdom, or will the wraiths Sokka has sent forth destroy them?

It isn’t prophecy, destiny, or a birthright, that will decide the fate of the mortal world.

It is choice.

“An attention to atmosphere and psychological insights is just one of the strengths that lend a touch of the fantastic to even ordinary scenes and descriptions.”
Donovan – Midwest Book Review

“I am a huge sci-fi and fantasy fan. Some days I believe I’ve simply read too much in these genres, so it’s just too difficult to find a new writer, book, or series that can really excite or surprise me. Then, on other days, I read a book like Kurintor Nyusi by Aaron-Michael Hall. Suddenly, I’m excited by a new writer and I’m seeing new things in one of my favorite genres.”
Simmons – Readers’ Favorite





Rites of Heirdron Duology

“Tactical decision-making under a king’s command that reads like a classic Star Trek space battle.”

“A duology that defies easy categorization, but reaches beyond genre definitions to entice readers from military sci-fi, and political sci-fi circles alike.”
-D. Donovan – Midwest Book Review

They poisoned his planet, massacred his people, and violated his mother. 

Now, they’re coming for him.

A bastard prince, born to a dishonored queen, Zrahnz is the last hope of a dying world nearly decimated after a treacherous interplanetary betrayal.

He was denied his rule, denied his birthright, and denied the one truth that would save his life.

He wasn’t supposed to survive, he wasn’t supposed to fight, and he wasn’t supposed to receive, the


“Rites of Heirdron is a powerful fantasy telling. Its dual focus on changing worlds and hearts moves deftly from personal to political realms. It’s a recommended pick for readers who like their sci-fi spiced with more than light romance, but who want that romance wrapped in the heavier cloak of sacrifice, duty, and life-changing decisions.”
-Midwest Book Review

“Newland Moon has the gift of integrating strong themes like love, friendship, loyalty, faith, and redemption into a beautiful story in a seamless manner. The writing is flawless, crisp, and tight, with vivid descriptions that capture the intense action excellently.”
-Readers’ Favorite

Kurintor Nyusi (Epic Fantasy) and the Rites of Heirdron duology (Science Fantasy Romance) is discounted to only .99 for a back-to-school celebration!


Thank you to everyone who took advantage of the limited time release of The Rise of Nazil complete Epic Fantasy trilogy.  The response to the trilogy was phenomenal as you can see by the stats below:

#1 Best Seller in Epic Fantasy
#1 Best Seller in Arthurian Fantasy
#1 Best Seller in Asian Myths & Legends

Screenshot (274)

1 Epic Fantasy Best Seller


Please visit the MEHLONII page to hear samples of the Mehlonii language created for
The Rise of Nazil series.


Welcome to the fantastical worlds of Aaron-Michael Hall. Explore the lands of Faélondul, Ahmezurhran, the Fifth Kingdom, and beyond. With astounding new beasts, deities, characters, galaxies, and languages, you’re certain to discover precisely what your imaginative mind has been craving: titillating your senses, one epic world at a time.